Ingenious Motor Starter (IMS)

What Problem we want to Solve ?

  • Usually, the distance from farm field to home ranges in few kilometers
  • Maintenance of motor at regular interval due to failure of the motor due to,
  1. Fluctuations in electrical supply
  2. Due to insufficient water present in the well, the motor runs in a dry state
  3. Due to unbalance power supply of electricity at the field
  • Excess use of fuel, electricity etc
  • A farmer does not get to know about the availability of electricity on the farm field
  • Sometimes face the attack of wild animals during nights

The Solution

  • We are bringing smart technologies to the field of agriculture.
  • We have developed products under the brand name “Agriwyz” by using advanced IoT, AI, and ML technologies to improve the farming experience.
  • We are improving the process of irrigation with our INGENIOUS MOTOR STARTER (IMS).

What is IMS ?

  • IMS is GSM based motor/pump starter to control 3-phase AC motor/pump from anywhere by call, SMS or Agriwyz Mobile Application which comes with more than 20 features.
  • It is designed for use in Agriculture and Commercial applications. Also helps save water, time, fuel, electricity.

Key Features

Control & Monitoring


Agriwyz App


Timer Options




Remove Complex Wiring

Protections Provided

  1. Protection against Dry Run
  2. Protection against Over/Under Voltage
  3. Protection against Over/Under Current
  4. Protection Overload
  5. Protection against Unbalance Power Supply
  6. Protection against Phase Failure
  7. Protection Against Short Circuit

Additional Features

  1. Protections for all the phases of power supply
  2. Get History of Motor Operation through Agriwyz Mobile Application
  3. IP65 Device Protection
  4. Visual Indications: 5 LEDs to Indicate all the function (Network, Power, Motor On/Off, Data Sync and Fault)
  5. Get a information about fault with reason of fault to last operator of motor
  6. Multi-User: Maximum of up to 3 Members can be registered to operate the device
  7. Current Status: Through Agriwyz Mobile Application with just one click
  8. Multiple Language Supported: Farmer can select any language (English, Gujarati or Hindi)
  9. Gives information about total run time/total off time of motor/pump through Agriwyz mobile application.







Upto 7.5 HP

Upto 15 HP

Upto 20 HP

MCB Type

3P 20 Amp

3P 32 Amp

3P 50 Amp

Starter Type


Star Delta

Star Delta

Current Capacity

20 Amp

30 Amp

40 Amp


Technical Specifications

  1. Input Power Type : 3 Phase AC
  2. Input Voltage – 380V to 450V AC, 50Hz
  3. Enclosure Type: IP65
  4. Battery Backup, Only to monitor the device
  5. GSM Type: 2G


  1. Save time by avoiding travelling to motor room every time to switch on and off the motor
  2. Increase Pump/Motor Life
  3. Save electricity by turning the motor off while not needed
  4. Save a life by avoiding the attack of a wild animal while going to a motor room in the night time
  5. Flexible wiring kit in a modular way helps to make easy wiring and handling
  6. Reduce the maintenance cost of motor
  7. Farmer can get to know whether electricity is available or not on a farm field
  8. Reduce cost of fuel, electricity


  1. Agricultural Pump
  2. Farmhouse Pump
  3. Micro-Irrigation System
  4. Rural/Urban Water Supply Pumping System
  5. Industries and factories where starter and location of water tank are far away
  6. In agriculture where farms are at remote location and farmers need to feed water to their fields


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