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Ingenious Easy Kheti (IEK)

What Problem we want to Solve ?

  • Old practice of traditional farming
  • Lack of farming by scientific way
  • Lack of technology used in agriculture
  • Lack of infrastructure to test the soil
  • Excessive use of fertilizer
  • Lack of knowledge of primary pesticides given to plants after planting
  • Lack of Knowledge for which & how much fertilizer to give after sowing
  • Soil whitening due to salinity in the soil
  • Erosion of Soil
  • Deficiency of nutrients in the crop
  • Disease pests in crops
  • Poor quality of Crop
  • Excess cost of fertilizer and pesticides
  • Low yeild of Crop
  • One of the studies says that 70% of Indian soil used for agriculture is already facing severe deficiency in soil health in terms of nutrients and there is only 1 lab available between 1.5 Lacs farmer for soil testing.

Solution : Ingenious Easy Kheti

  • Agriwyz is decreasing the headache of farmers by Ingenious Easy Kheti by providing complete guide for a crop during it’s crop cycle from sowing to harvesting according to soil testing report, as per crop, latest research by Gov. approved institute, as per weather analysis and making the farming Easy.

What is Included in Ingenious Easy Kheti ?

  • Soil Testing according to Crop Cycle
  • According to Soil Testing Report Agriwyz provide Ingenious Easy Kheti Report for better crop management
  • Provides information about Fertilizer doses as per nutrient requirement and management according to soil testing report
  • A complete guide from sowing to harvesting during crop cycle
  • Accurate guidance on crop disease pests
  • Guide farmers about irrigation according to soil moisture
  • A farm visit by an agronomist from Agriwyz according to the crop cycle
  • Scheduling of Activities by Agriwyz Application
  • Suggestions by Call, by Agriwyz Mobile Application, by Video Call

Agriwyz provides complete guide for farmers according to latest research by ICAR, NAU, JAU, AAU etc.

Procedure : Ingenious Easy Kheti


  • Reduce the erosion of soil caused by excess use of fertilizer
  • Train farmers to do farming scientific way
  • Increase the yield of crop
  • Reduce the cost of fertilizer
  • Reduce labour cost
  • Increase the life of the soil
  • Reduce the excess use of pesticides
  • Based on the prediction of weather farmer get inputs for what to do and what not to, which eventually decrease the loss due to diseases and pest
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